Santiago's Guitar

Out Now! The 2nd book in the Reluctant Pilgrim Series. The Journey Continues…

Candyfloss Guitar

The Book That’s Inspiring Thousands. Get The First Book In The Reluctant Pilgrim Series.

Eduardo arranges for Diego to live and work on a farm and sends him on his way with the gift of his old Spanish guitar. Will Diego commit to working on the farm, or will he confront his destiny on the road where a million pilgrims have passed before him? Candyfloss Guitar is Book One of the Reluctant Pilgrim series.


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About Me

I’m an author, speaker and a lot more. Although there was a time when I defined myself by my former corporate life – as an investment analyst working for a London stockbroker. I always knew there was a new life waiting for me but self-doubt kept me chained to my office desk. Then one day I finally found the courage to resign. That was the start of everything…

Next, I walked across a country and found my voice. Fast forward a few years, and I’ve written a successful book, Candyfloss Guitar: The Reluctant Pilgrim book #1, which has climbed Amazon’s bestsellers lists. And there’s now a sequel, Santiago’s Guitar. Life is changing!

I now understand that we all can write our own personal stories. And the magic begins as soon as we take those initial defiant steps away from the old and head towards our dreams. I hope you’ll join me on my journey.

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